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Cauliflower Three Ways

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve been on a big kick with food art lately. My kindergartener has always notoriously disliked cauliflower, so I figured that presenting it in fun ways would eventually wear him down. The good news is that it did–and it only took three tries. On the face of things, I hope my kids grow up seeing meals as a time to enjoy. On a subconscious level, I hope it’s a lesson on not always taking things at face value and seeing everyday items, problems, and even people a little differently.





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Rainy Days Welcome

The polar vortex cometh (again), and even my kindergartener looked at the freshly fallen snow, sighed, and mused, “I’m sick of winter.” Of course, come summer and the 100+ degrees and stifling humidity, I’ll probably be pining for subzero windchills. We Chicagoans are quick to forget.

Nevertheless, a reminder of spring was in order today, with clouds made of apples and bananas, an umbrella made of apple and cheese, and rain–two ways. It’s like having your very own FLDSMDFR in your kitchen.


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