3D Printed Cookie Cutters FTW

When you drink green tea at 9pm, you obsessively search unique cookie cutters online by 2am. True story.

At first, I was browsing sandwich cutters, which expanded to cool cookie cutters, which led me to the subculture that is 3D printed cookie cutters. These. Are. Amazing. Here are my three favorite Etsy sellers at the moment:


Cookie Parlor


and the best part: your kid’s artwork in cookie form!


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4 responses to “3D Printed Cookie Cutters FTW

  1. I love the idea kids artwork cookie cutter pls let me where I can order .
    Your kid is quite a artist at 4 !

  2. Sorry I guess it’s not your kid and found it on etsy .

  3. They are amazing! Definite got my eyes on the owl one :p

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