pint-sized problem-solving

My kindergartener attends a STEM school (science, technology, engineering, math). The great thing about the curriculum is the emphasis on real-world problem-solving. Some homework pages will show pictures of “problems” (i.e. messy room, broken mug, etc) and ask the kids to draw their solutions, complete with descriptions of the process and labels of each pertinent tool.

All that to say, he’s rubbing off on his little sister. Lately, she’s been doing a fabulous job of helping me troubleshoot stubborn issues. Observe:

PROBLEM: A shag rug that hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks.
SOLUTION: Grab a box of cereal. Turn upside down. Stomp around for good measure.
RESULT: A vacuumed shag rug.

PROBLEM: A toddler who’s been looking a little thin lately.
SOLUTION: Walk to the fridge. Whine until mom gets off Instagram and opens fridge door. Grab a stick of butter. Unwrap and eat.
RESULT: Tada, fattened toddler.

PROBLEM: A broken rice cooker.
SOLUTION: Wait until mom loads the dishwasher. Run to another room and cry until she comes. Throw anything onto the floor to distract her. Quickly run back to the kitchen, open cupboard door, and throw fistfuls of rice into the dishwasher. When mom comes back and closes the dishwasher door, act cool.
RESULT: Biggest rice cooker ever.

PROBLEM: A leather couch that could use some conditioning.
SOLUTION: Dump a 6-oz. container of yogurt onto leather couch (organic yogurt is preferred). Buff with hands in a smooth, circular motion.
RESULT: Buttery, like-brand-new leather.

I’m so proud of her. Should you be interested in using her services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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November 21, 2013 · 9:52 pm

One response to “pint-sized problem-solving

  1. Tim

    Biggest rice cooker ever – brilliant!

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