$2 Off to Chicago’s CHiTAG Toy and Game Fair

I don’t attend a lot of fairs or expos, but when it comes to the business of play? I’m all there. This weekend, Navy Pier becomes home to the 11th annual Chicago Toy and Game Fair, where vendors like HABA, Plan Toys, Razor, Kickboard USA, Bananagrams, TOMY and more set up shop and show off their wares.

Look, a coupon:

Click the image for ticket info and a full-sized coupon to print.

You might be able to get in free:
Teachers, librarians, scouts in uniform, and kids under 3 are free. Grandparents with grandkids in tow are free on Sunday. (Translation: book a ressie for a leisurely, kid-free brunch date with your hubbie on Sunday.)

When and where:
Saturday, 11/23: 10:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, 11/24: 10:00am-5:00pm
Navy Pier, 2nd floor Festival Hall A (far east end)

What to expect:
An epic playdate that your kids will never want to leave. Browse the list of vendors and exhibitors and check out featured exhibits. Many will have life-sized versions of their bestselling games, and there will be fun events  both on Saturday and Sunday, including:

– Star Wars character lunch (fee required)
– Young Inventor Challenge, where kids showcase their own original toys
– a yo-yo contest
– magic performances
– puppeteering classes

and a ton more. Other perks include raffles, coupons, and discounts (oh hi, 30% off a Kickboard scooter!) at individual booths depending on each vendor.

Race ya there!

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