Rise and Shine

I was never a morning person. My mom had this nickname for me in Korean that pretty much means “sleeping pig”. Pretty accurate. But if anything gets you used to a 5:45ish wake-up time, it’s motherhood. It takes me a few minutes to get my bearings, but slamming kitchen drawers and muttering under my breath usually does the trick.

Kids, of course, are all morning people. It’s the most well-rested they’ll be all day, the calm before the overstimulation storm. The way my three rouse with nary a yawn or croaky voice always impresses me. Sometimes I stare at them and squint a little, wondering if they’re really mine. Sleeping pigs they are not.

Today my third grader is home sick, so he’s not his usual rise-and-shiny self. I made a fun little breakfast plate to brighten his morning and made myself a little incentive to like mornings more.

PicMonkey Collage



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2 responses to “Rise and Shine

  1. elisebyun

    my parents call me “sleeping pig” all the time.

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