Antisocial media specialist

Once upon a time I worked at a university office and helped jumpstart their social media presence. And then I turned into a web copywriter. And then a blogger.

But I’m really bad at it.

See, I used to think that good blogging was all about good writing.

Oh ho ho! Silly me.

Blogging is no longer about sitting in your pj’s with your Chemex-crafted coffee in hand and sunshine spilling through the window, waiting for inspiration to strike. (Although sometimes it is.) It’s about optimizing. And marketing. And branding. And fanbase-building.

I was a salesperson once. Sold Cutco knives. Was pathetic at it so they cut me off (haha!) after two weeks.

I’m not just bad at selling things. I’m also bad at socializing, which I guess is the first ingredient of social media. I mean, I hope I can say I’m nice and friendly and can strike up conversation with anyone, but I was always super shy. Painfully shy. Which probably explains why I love writing, because there’s no one really to talk to but they’re forced to listen to me anyway.

I don’t like the spotlight. My voice gets all shaky when I’m talking to FIVE PEOPLE, for crying out loud. Some people dream of fame. I kinda dread it because I make a lot of mistakes and am not a very approachable or likable person sometimes and still wear my maternity yoga pants. So I’m not the type to put myself out there, especially when I haven’t showered in four days and have cheeto stains on my fingers. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of getting press passes somewhere or networking with influential media mavens sounds like an awesome opportunity, and smart strategy, and something I want to do, but… I have cheeto stains on my fingers.

After thinking about this too much, I think the only conclusion I can come up with is that I’m not wired to be a PR rep or marketing director; some bloggers are, and I admire them and can afford to glean a lot of wisdom from them. All I know is that I love writing, so I’ll keep doing it as best as I know how. Which is to say after much procrastinating and painful self-editing.

So how do you do this social media thing when you’re not very social? Is blogging for blogging’s sake totally dead? Can there be good writing without a gimmick?



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3 responses to “Antisocial media specialist

  1. hear, hear! i share your affliction. i always think of the pioneer woman’s blog and all her fame and success and glory haha. but i do believe that you can be a successful blogger/writer with just words and a good story. you can add a picture of c’s chubby feet for good measure.

  2. Joy

    I just started blogging and the amount of network going into is can be overwhelming. I’m just starting out but really I thought it would just be me and my laptop hehe. I am definitely a social person so I don’t mind it. Certainly gives me an outlet as a mom but certainly not what I thought it would be =) Love your blog and I look forward to reading more about you!

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