Teaching Time

The other day Lucas was happily drawing at the dining table and showed me something that Micah drew for him. Probably Angry Birds. He said “Micah made this for me tomorrow.”

Uh oh. So it hit me that in all his five years of life, I never bothered to sit him down and teach him the finer points of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the time-space continuum, things like that. I never felt the need to, because for the most part he says the right thing.

So in an attempt to address his time dyslexia I took the academic approach. I talked about suns setting, suns rising, number of sleepytimes, etc. Eyes glazed over quickly. To him it probably sounded like:

“Bla bla-biddy bla bla tomorrow bla bla-biddy bla yesterday. Get it?”

I think he sorta did, because he then said, “Oh, so you mean Cadence came out of your belly yesterday.”

Eh. Kinda. At least she didn’t come out tomorrow.

A few hours later Lucas was humming “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle rock” and said, “Mommy, I’m writing a letter to Santa and I’m gonna give it to him on Christmas. Because Christmas is super tomorrow.”

Einstein’s got nothing on a kid when it comes to explaining the fourth dimension.

At any rate, I’ve been meaning to put together a calendar; this one is my fave so far after a bit of browsing:

{via counting coconuts}

It’s been sitting on my parenting Pinterest board forever. Time to get a move on it. I think I’ll start super tomorrow.


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