Artwork for Kids’ Rooms

All three kids share a room, and it’s been working out so far. I embrace the bunk bed + crib + washer/dryer in closet + institutional-style carpet mashup. It’s been almost a year since we’ve moved in and I have yet to put anything on the walls. I’ve got a ton of stuff pinned on Pinterest though; does that count? Like how responding to an email in your head counts to the point that you don’t remember if you really wrote it or not?

Those bare walls are starting to look pretty drab, though, and some well-placed artwork would make such a big difference aesthetically and emotionally. Here are a few of my faves, each under $25:

Cadence is a greeting fiend. First, it was “hulla”, then “holla”, and now “hello”. (I admit, I miss the holla). This print from etsy seller loopzart is a cheerful shot of color. (Speaking of hello, this sweatshirt needs to be her new uniform.)

I’ve had this poster from etsy seller handz bookmarked for a while; it’s a great way to shower the kidlets with love without being over the top or too cliche.

Happy colors in a bold geometric pattern from etsy seller twoems that don’t scream “kid’s room” translate into art you can move around the home next time you get the redecorating itch.

The boys love that we’re so close to the loop; this poster from society6 is right up any city mouse’s alley.

I’m not one to like street sign art because it reads a little man-cave to me, but seeing how cute this one is and considering 2/3 of my offspring are mini men, I’ll let it slide. It’s from society6 and is perfect for their Angry Birds Star Wars phase. Nevermind that they’ve never seen the real Star Wars. I don’t think they even know there’s a real Star Wars.

No room is complete without an alphabet poster or I love you theme; etsy seller posterinspired gives you a twofer.

There’s something so poetic about this one. The site features gorgeous concert posters and alphabet-themed prints, too.

For even more budget-friendlier options, there are calendars for instant DIY art; this charley harper one is a mere $13.99:

Or postcards, like this Art of Pixar set of 100 for $13ish (and a clever, cheap way to mount and display postcards):

And as you can tell from my aesthetic thus far, I have a soft spot for anything vintage. This site lets you download vintage posters for free. FOR FREE.

PicMonkey Collage

Did I mention they’re free?



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3 responses to “Artwork for Kids’ Rooms

  1. Oh I love the vintage posters!

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