Usually “dear Jesus” time right before bed is an all-out brawl. I can’t blame them… I mean, praying to an unseen being and thanking Him for things like toys when you clearly saw mom paying for that toy in the checkout line doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. We don’t force it on them, since we don’t want to reinforce behavior over understanding. So until they can own this sacred relationship for themselves, the best we can do is model it for them, night after night, and resist the urge to chastise them for giggling.

Then there are nights like tonight, after a full day of being with mommy and daddy, when the boys are chipper and you see that boldness that children ooze when they are happy, content, and absolutely sure that you love them. Never fails; these are the days that one of them actually volunteers for dear Jesus time. Tonight it was Lucas.

Dear Jesus, please help Mommy feel better, and please help baby to grow. And we are going to play with her when she comes out, tomorrow, after we take care of stuff. And it will be a lot of fun. And her name is Cadence because her’s a girl. Amen.



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