good things come in threes

A lot happens in 3 months.

Like my body deciding to create a new human being (without consulting me first).

But all was forgiven when we found out that Baby turned out to be (finally!) a girl.

How did I get here? Here being the place where I am a mother of three. You would think that moms of three are old pros. In some ways, there’s a sense of confidence and groundedness this time around, allowing me freedom to enjoy this pregnancy in a way I didn’t with the other two. At the same time, it’s a lot like the first time around–completely unexpected, unplanned, and leaving us with a lot of questions about what practical, real life stuff will look like with this little one in the mix.

I’m so preoccupied chasing the boys around and breaking up wrestling matches gone awry that I haven’t had much time to bond with Baby. But these last few hours of the night before I turn in, she lets me know she’s alive and well, kicking up a storm. This little life inside of me is already special, and has already brought out the best in all of us. (Lucas in particular likes to shout into my belly button to greet Baby every day.)

It’s funny how motherhood is the convergence of all your strongest emotions, your greatest potential for both triumph and failure, your most extreme capabilities of selflessness and self-absorption, your obsession with both the smallest details of the day and with the wistful hopes for future generations. So what does it look like to experience all that three times over?

For whatever reason, this is the way our story is being written. I’m sure it will be full of drama, suspense, comic relief, and familiar themes. I’m itching to be on the other side of the plotline to see how it turns out. But for now, it’s a journey page by page, learning to enjoy and relish every detail.


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