When top dog becomes underdog

I stopped by our closest Borders today. It’s one of most in Chicago slated to close its doors and is selling off everything: bookcases, magazine racks, printers, even mugs and plates from the cafe.

The fact that this chain probably shuttered many an independent store in its heyday is just too ironic not to point out. Still, do we cheer at the fall of a franchise giant or mourn the loss of a bastion of education?

I strolled through the skeletal remains of the store with a lot of memories. I used to study there as a high school kid and spend hours poring over Seventeen magazine. When Mister could barely walk, I brought him there for storytime and spent hours poring over parenting magazines. It used to be the only hot spot in that mini mall (until Starbucks showed up) and made the sleepy, conservative area feel refined, like it had finally made it as a credible urban, modern community.

The massive space lends itself to X Sport or Marshalls or something equally original and charming. It’ll be interesting to see what rises out of these ashes.

For now though, if you’re interested in nabbing a bargain, the store had plenty of these:



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  1. I can’t believe Borders is closing! I remember when it first opened, I was a kid, and it was like HEAVEN to see that huge building full of books! Before that, all had was B. dalton and Crown Books in the mall!

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