Crayon Heart Craft

This craft has been done a bajillion times, but the combination of ubiquitous broken crayons, a legitimate reason to melt things, and a low budget/high return Valentine’s Day class treat was just too hard to resist.

I scored the heart-shaped silicone molds from Target’s Dollar Spot section, a 2-pack for $1 (which came in either red and pink, and you betcha I’ll be there later this week to grab them on clearance). Since the mold is ice-cube sized, I cut crayons into tiny nibs for maximum color cramming.

This was such the perfect way to start the day. Color really is therapeutic. Mister even said, “Mommy, these colors are so tropical. I feel like I’m somewhere… tropical.”

I opted for simple, modern combinations like pink and green or purple and yellow. Mister, always the nice guy and friend to all, tried to get every color into every heart “because my friends would feel sad if they were missing one.” I’m sorry, pink-and-green recipient!


We filled each hole about 2/3 full and melted them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes.

After they completely melted, we cooled them for about 20 minutes and popped them right out of the tray. These usually get glued or taped to a card to become an instant valentine. I didn’t have proper glue or glue dots, and I worried that tape wouldn’t be strong enough to hold them throughout the day. Instead, I decided to use treat sacks (mini paper bags from Target) and used an address label to keep them sealed. I like the simplicity since so many boxed cards were really flirting the line of being… well, flirty.

It’s a gloomy Chicago morning, so the extra crayons are a much-needed dose of sunshine.


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  1. Grace

    brilliant….who cares if it’s been done a bajillion times?! Gotta get to Target to see if I can score some of those ice cube trays.

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