square one

I’ve been at home full-time for almost two months now and don’t regret a minute of it. For the first couple weeks, Wookus would look at me suspiciously every morning out of the corner of his eye and ask, “Mommy? You no have to work?” And I’d assure him, “Yes, honey, Mommy doesn’t have to go to work. Mommy is staying home with you.” He used to have night terrors, but after that first week, it stopped. (He even giggles now in his sleep.) His vocabulary and speaking skills have skyrocketed. His tantrums have gone down.

The change in Mister is priceless, too. Granted, he’s older and maybe doesn’t “need” his mommy as much as a three-year-old does, but it’s nice to see him six hours of the day instead of two. I get to pick him up every day from school and talk about his art project and floor hockey and that cute girl he likes (but doesn’t know he likes yet) while it’s all still fresh on his mind. He smiles more, and we find silly things to laugh about throughout the day instead of rushing through it just to get by.

Don’t get me wrong; this is no manifesto against working moms. It’s just what’s right for us, right now. Not only am I home to catch priceless moments (Mister making a reverse layup on his big, bad, Fisher Price hoop), but I’m starting to build my freelance portfolio and doing what I love: writing and helping others with their writing. Can a mom really have it all? In my case –dare I say it?–yes…. but only once I realized what I wanted my “all” to be.

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