old turned new

Most normal people would think that a fun weekend means a nice dinner out or doing something fun with the kids.

Too bad Hubbie and I aren’t normal people. What gets our blood pumping? Rummaging through other people’s stuff; the older, the better (both people and stuff). This past weekend, we went on a bit of an estate sale binge. We usually ogle goods on estatesales.net throughout the week, pick out a few sites that seem worthwhile, and plot our plan of attack.

In the past, we’ve found ridiculous deals like a set of five Moller dining chairs for just $20 or a Danish modern teak sideboard for $60. These days, we scavenge for the little things. What made this weekend special was a Highland Park estate sale in a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Most things on sale were out of our reach, but being able to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright home (listed in the U.S. Register for Historic Places, no less) for free was good enough for us.




Sadly that’s the only picture I took. Once we stepped through the front door, a beefy security guard greeted us with a grunt, and elderly women from the estate sale company (far more menacing) were stationed in each room, watching patrons with hawk eyes. Needless to say, the house was gorgeous. Classic prairie school design filled with arts and crafts touches and decor.

We went to a couple other homes in Lincolnwood and Wilmette and picked up only a few things, but the thrill of the hunt was well worth it. There’s something to be said about filling your home with things well-worn with use and love instead of pulling them off the shelf of some big box store. I love that thrifted things tell a story and remind you that you’re part of a larger narrative.


Ship: $7.50


Set of 3 owls: $9


Mexican horse piggy bank: $1.50

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