go ask daddy

“Mommy, is God very strong?”

“Yes honey, God is the strongest of all.”

“Is God strong enough to carry Mt. Everest?”

“Yep. I bet he can do it with one hand.”

Silence. Thinking.

“Is God strong enough to carry Himself?”

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Filed under darndest things, divine, family

8 responses to “go ask daddy

  1. kel

    wow. speechless.

  2. Grace

    omgoodness, sarah once asked that too! too cute!

  3. jeanah

    nice! paul remembers asking “if god created everything then who created god?” at the age of 5 and his parents sent him to the pastor. the pastor then said “by the time you figure that out, you will be a very wise man.” talk about lost opportunities, huh?

  4. HonestAndTruly

    Wow that’s deep. I love the kids who ask the questions and just keep going with the why’s and the thoughts instead of just taking the first answer. He’ll be a great problem solver, no?

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