new beginnings

Moving day: Eight hours of moving, four hours of cleaning, and three hours of sleep. Thanks to incredibly generous and efficient friends, the whole thing happened so fast I hardly had time to be sentimental. Unpacking, though, and the time and care that come with it, affords deep-thought moments. Almost a full week after, a few realizations:

– The fact that it only takes a few hours to stuff your entire life into boxes is a little disconcerting, but also amazingly therapeutic. Things that seem permanent or vital suddenly… aren’t. I’m pretty sure we filled as many trash bags as we did bins. It felt really, really good to let go of excess.

– This was our 7th move in 6 years. Mister is a pro at adapting to change and was so over the old place. This was L’s first big move, though, and I was worried how he’d acclimate. What I have learned is that little boys, like their adult counterparts, are simple creatures. As long is there is space to play tag and snacks to eat in the kitchen, they’re good. Stairs to fly off of to give your mom a heart attack are an added bonus.

– As renters potentially cursed to a lifetime of nomadic ways, I’m trying not to get too used to the space. But there’s something to be said when the first thing the boys did when they saw the basement was shriek. Then roll on the floor. More space means more cleanup, but also more privacy and more room to breathe. I have to say: This is the first place that feels like home.

– In-unit laundry has changed my life. Forever.

– Newness is good for you. Blank slates do wonders for your creativity and sense of vision. I’ve never felt more motivated to be a better home-maker, creating a place of refuge, solace, comfort, imagination, and inspiration for my family.

(We’ll see how long this lasts.)

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2 responses to “new beginnings

  1. Glad it went so well! Hope you can retain that desire to keep the house clean and orderly. It’s tough…

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