hey ho sk’doodle-addle-o

Lucas. “Wheels.”

Micah. “Mommy bird feeding her babies.” Poor bunny. So blissfully ignorant.

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6 responses to “hey ho sk’doodle-addle-o

  1. Kid’s drawings make my heart sing. It’s unreal to be able to see how the world looks to them on paper.

    Thanks for the compliments on my daughters’ room over at ohdeedoh. You can certainly do the paper lanterns for a boy. They come in a lot of colors and sizes that you can pull off making a solar system.

    • howaboutcookie

      That’s exactly how I feel; couldn’t have said it any better. I have boxes stuffed with drawings waited to be scanned and archived.

  2. Pod

    Mom would loooove those flowers!

  3. Sandy

    I love how you can see how much they know and are growing just by their drawings. Micah’s picture’s so detailed. I’ve learned that kids draw the parts that they know to be true in their pictures, and Micah has everything.

    ps. i really enjoy reading you posts. 🙂

    • howaboutcookie

      Sandy! I should post more of the boys’ drawings so you can analyze them for me 🙂 Thanks for commenting… I really have to update this blog more often.

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