We found out this weekend that Mister got placed into a school that we are happy with; I feel like we can finally breathe and move on with our lives. Now that the dust has cleared, there is a sense of survivor’s guilt in a way: we’re safe and in a good school, while other brilliant, capable, and deserving children are #300+ on waitlists or didn’t get into any top choices. It’s ridiculous. The system is so broken and the wires so badly frayed that you don’t even know where to start the repairs.

Taking a step back, though, I can’t believe my baby will be starting elementary school in a few months. I thought the first day of preschool was hard; I’m going to be a mess come September kissing him goodbye and watching his backpack-clad body bob its way through the double doors and disappear in the crowd. Good grief, the hubs will have to tranquilize me when we drive Mister to college.

Tonight I got a chance to enjoy the Now and stop obsessing about the future. A pizza dinner, living room (still)  littered with legos and hot wheels, countless rounds of airplane, Mister drawing himself as a football player, Lucas scribbling intently, hubbie and I fawning over our boys like lovesick puppies.

My favorite moment: Lucas scarfing down blueberries and pausing mid-gobble to stack one on top of the other and declare proudly, “Lookat, Mommy! I make a bewberry ‘nowman!” Love it.

(photo: handmade sandpaper letters from etsy seller polliwog77. gorgeous.)

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4 responses to “relief

  1. We’re constantly having to accept their new stages, aren’t we? Congrats on the school acceptance. I hope it’s a great fit!

  2. howaboutcookie

    thanks tracey! i remember when the baby days felt like they’d never end… now everything’s happening so fast.

  3. Pod

    Just out of curiosity, was Burbank among your applications?

    • howaboutcookie

      nope: the gifted program at burbank is now at beaubien (jefferson park-ish) and the gifted doesn’t start until 1st grade.

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