Mister outgrew his Kettler tricycle earlier this year, and I was debating for the longest time whether to get him a bike with training wheels or a two-wheeled balance bike. The advantage of training wheels is, of course, that the kids just hop on and go. The balance bike is a steeper learning curve, but the payoff is that they learn to balance by lifting their feet and coasting on the momentum. The idea is that the transition to two-wheeled pedal bikes is much faster and smoother. I was intrigued, so we got Mister the “Weeride push training balance bike” from Amazon for a steal.

The first, oh, 6 or 7 times, I thought the Weeride was  a total crock. Mister complained about the seat height no matter how much we fiddled with it, and he would walk v.e.r.y. slowly, treating it like a ride-on toy. I was determined that Micah get the hang of it, encouraging him with  “Ooh, Micah, so blue and shiny!” or “It looks like a bike only big boys can use!” or “You’re not eating dinner until you ride this thing!”.

The good news is that Mister begs to ride it every day now; he builds up quite the speed and coasts comfortably down the block. We love it!






check out that determination!


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