my dream for you

Every time I see Micah zip his coat on all by himself, or Lucas toddle to the bookshelf and grab his favorite book (Hippos Go Berserk — so fitting! ), I want life to slow down. The boys are growing up too fast. Before I know it, they will go from being my babies to “big boys” to “pubescent boys” to “Mom, get out of my room”. 

I think a lot about what I want for my children. Beyond the obvious, like being happy in life, being at peace with themselves and God, finding true love, winning the Pulitzer… I think about what type of men I want my boys to become, regardless of occupation or socio-economic status. And when I think in those terms, this mommyhood business becomes all the more daunting. I am raising little men-in-training. It is probably the most scary, and yet the most noble, task I have had to take on.

So in Obama-like fashion, I want to archive the hopes I have for my sons.

1. The security to understand that discipline is love, and not the absence of it.

2. The ability to ask for help.

3. The boldness to be inquisitive and to challenge for the sake of making something better.

4. The courage to tell people they love them even if the feeling’s not mutual.

5. The patience to rise above less-than-ideal circumstances.

6. The humility to admit wrongdoing.

7. The humanity to see the soul within every person they encounter.

8. The vision to lead others.

9. The creativity to discern the divine in the mundane.

10. The grace to forgive. 

As you can see, not too much to ask.


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  1. jeanah

    you never told me you had a blog! nice =)

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