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I had a bit of a celebrity encounter today. It started with Micah’s birthday party last month, where I had the privilege of finally meeting all the parents of his friends at school. One mom in particular was extremely nice, and we connected because she found out that Hubbie is a pastor;  her father-in-law is in ministry as well. Fast forward, and we arranged a playdate and she invited us over to her home.

So we went today, and the minute I stepped into the house, I felt the immediate urge to pack all my belongings and move in. It was a beautiful craftsman-style bungalow with rich woodwork, architectural details, and a ton of history and stories within its walls, I’m sure. As she humbly and graciously gave me the grand tour, I suggested that she keep a home blog; to which she chuckled, “oh, I do!”

And that’s how I stumbled upon House in Progress fame. It was fun to gab about blogs that we both follow. More importantly though, it was inspiring to see a mother active in her creative pursuits, crafting a nurturing home for her family. (Granted, her career encompasses much more than that, but witnessing this sliver of her talent was inspiration enough.) I’ve had a lot of false starts in my own creative outlets — blog, ahem — and often feel limited by time and ability. I realize how frighteningly easy it is as a mom to make excuses or procrastinate when it comes to self-expression: no time. exhausted. too busy cleaning mac and cheese out of the carpet.

But I am resolved to carve out time to write and even get back into the visual arts if possible. I need to. I’ve neglected a part of myself in the name of giving to my family, when, ironically, I would probably feel more free, more confident, and more alive if I were a bit more “selfish”.

We’ll see how it goes. Wish me luck.


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